How Do You Know if They are “The One”?

I get this question a lot. “How did you know that he was the one you wanted to marry?” I used to think that anybody could be the one if you try hard and love them enough. Of course, I met Jaxon and that opinion changed. I knew it in the deepest part of me that this was the man God was giving me to be my husband. The air was lighter when he walked in the room. I felt invincible with him by my side. Iv’e been dating my husband for 3 years and I still get butterflies when he looks at me. My heart still grows wings when he comes home from work. He is my best friend. Everyone is telling me that that feeling will fade. Maybe it will! I’m just going to enjoy my butterflies and my wings until it does. Here is my guideline to know if they are the one.

They make you happy. Like truly happy. Your soul feels lighter and you know that you will never have to worry about love or acceptance again.

They make you want to be better. Whatever that means to you. Jay makes me want to be better at my job. He makes me want to clean the house. He deserves to be happy and if that makes him happy I’d love to do whatever it takes. I feel like he deserves my best.

You would genuinely do anything for them and they would do the same. I would do probably anything to make my husband happy. I probably wouldn’t kill anybody which is totally fine because that probably wouldn’t increase his happiness. I know that Jay would do the same. Of course, it doesn’t have to be that extreme either. I’m really bad at drinking water. Jay knows this so he is always putting a glass of water next to me whether I ask for it or not. When I do ask for one he jumps up to get it even if we just got cozy for bed.

You feel like you can tell them anything and everything. My husband is my most trusted confidant. I could tell him anything. Anywhere from what color my pee was this morning to telling my scariest fears. He knows he can tell me everything too. We rarely argue but we had an argument last week. We knew that no matter what we said we would be forgiven.

They never put you down. In private or in front of your friends. This is a big one. I had problems with this with a previous boyfriend. You should keep relationship problems to yourself so you can work on them privately. Of course this doesn’t include abuse because you should tell anyone that will listen if you spouse or partner is abusing you. If you go out with your friends together and he tells them about all of the areas that you are falling short as a partner it is not helpful to your relationship. They should be making you look great! They should brag about how clean the apartment was or how well you are doing at work.

In the end, If you and your partner are ready to make that step I say go for it. If you are in love and are prepared to stick with each other why not? Age really is just a number. I knew that I was going to marry my husband before 4 months of dating him. We’ve been together for almost 3 years and I love him more and more each day.