10 Affordable Valentines Day Date Ideas

1. Build a Fort

This is what my husband and I did for our first valentines day together. We squished all of his moms couches together and covered it all in a king size fitted sheet. I had made chocolate covered fruit as a surprise earlier that day which was a super sweet snack while watching a romantic movie under the fort.

2. Make a meal together

Making a meal together can be really fun. It also strengthens your patience with each other. Make something easy like mac and cheese, spaghetti, or a fancy salad. You could skip the main course and just make desert too! We made muffins last year! There are kits to make brownies or cake which make it pretty simple and quick to add something sweet to your date.

3. Order in and binge your favorite show

There is nowhere like home after all. Just order in delivery from your favorite restaurant. Grubhub/postmates are apps that lets you order food from places you wouldn’t normally be able to get food delivered from. You don’t have to stick with just chinese food or pizza! Although those are both great options. Cuddle up together and pop on an easy TV show. Me and my husbands favorite shows to binge are The Office (netflix) or Superstore (hulu).

4. Go to a museum and scavenger hunt

I love this idea. This is probably what we will do this year. It’s just so easy! This idea is awesome for those competitive couples. Me and my husband like to make things interesting and have a friendly competition sometimes. Just find the closest or most interesting museum near you and design a scavenger hunt accordingly. If you are going to an art museum your scavenger hunt can have “find 3 paintings with over 6 people in it” or “find the weirdest sculpture. whoever has the weirdest sculpture wins” or even “take a picture with a tour guide”. Whoever has the most points at the end of the date gets to pick the movie to watch later.

5. Explore your city with fresh eyes

This is a fun one. Depending on the city you live, it might be warm enough outside to take a walk. If it is, head to a part of the city or nearby city that you have never been. Old parts of cities are really interesting. Go to that restaurant that you saw go up like 3 years ago that you thought looked interesting enough to try. If you live in a big city take a walking tour of tourist attractions you wouldn’t be caught dead at. If anybody asks, you are visiting.

6. Picnic in the park

This idea also depends on your area. Me and my husband did this last year. We went to the grocery store and bought cheap lunch stuff and had a nice little picnic in the park. Jaxon brought his soccer ball so we kicked the ball around for a while. Just keep your phone in your purse or in the car. Stay unplugged and you might learn something about your spouse you didn’t know before! If you live somewhere too cold to go outside you can combine this idea and my first idea. Have a picnic in your living room!

7. At Home Spa Day

A friend gave me this idea. This one takes a bit more planning but could be very romantic and relaxing. Amazon has nice face masks you can buy pretty cheap. Get some of those and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Get into really fluffy robes and relax with some music. Showers or baths can also be a romantic part of your spa day. If you decide to do the bath route, get a bath bomb from lush and pop that in there after the tub fills up. Apparently they also have shower bombs if the bath isn’t for you. You put it by the drain and the heat makes the smells rise up in the shower. Finish off the day with a healthy dinner and maybe a board game.

8. Build a snowman/snow fort

This idea is obviously pretty specific to people in colder areas. Bundle up and go outside! Build lots of snowmen, then build forts to protect your snow people. After the war is over, make some snow angels or find the most interesting icicle. Once all of the fun is had and your fingers are cold, head inside and warm up with hot chocolate and snuggles. Watch a romantic movie or look back at your wedding pictures.

9. Visit animal shelters

This one is close to my heart. I believe that all things deserve love and kindness shown to them. Homeless pets need love on valentines day too. Head over to the closest shelter and pet all of those animals for me! Make sure that you leave no animal untouched! If you happen to fall in love with one and take it home don’t blame me!

10. Give to the Community

Most children’s hospitals collect valentines for the kids who can’t be at school to give or receive them themselves. It makes their day to see that random strangers are thinking of them! It makes my day knowing that I made a kid’s day a little bit brighter! Volunteer at a homeless shelter together and show those people love too. Donate extra unwanted clothes to goodwill or food to a food bank. Giving is a good way to make your heart feel lighter.