5 Reasons Why Getting Married Young is Great!

As I said before, I got married at 19 to the love of my life. It was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. There are obviously ups and downs to getting married so young but in the article I’m only going to focus on the ups! Of course I’m going to preface this article by saying that obviously getting married young is not for everyone and if you or your significant other are considering this path I suggest you really think about the decision. Love is a choice. You choose to love your spouse through the easy and the hard days. so with out further ado, here are the top 5 reasons getting married young was a no brainer for me.

1. It’s (relatively) easy to combine lives

It takes a while to set up your life financially. Buying a car, house, have kids, etc. takes time and money that young people don’t normally have. I know that when I got married I had a part time job, lived with my parents, and was borrowing the car when I needed it. My husband had just moved her from the Philippines a little over a year ago and lived with his mom, same part time job as me, and had no car. It was very easy to combine our lives financially. We also hadn’t really set in our ways in regard to our day to day routines. When we lived together we had no trouble learning the ways to work together and not stomp on each-other’s toes.

2. It’s exciting!

I’m not going to lie…. the thought of being married so young was a very attractive idea. I mean… I always dreamed of getting married and starting my life with my husband and I got to start 10 years ahead of most! I got to have the dress, the wedding, and the second family right out of highschool. While everyone was getting sending out college applications I was sending out wedding invitations. While all the college students were gossiping about their crushes I was calling the florist and the table rental agency. I felt so far ahead of my classmates which was a nice feeling after feeling so left behind in highschool. it is such a rush! The flowers, the dress, the romance!

3. You have so much more time with your spouse

The national average age people get married is 27 and rising. We will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary when our acquaintances are celebrating their 2nd. That is so much time! We can easily be married at least 50 years before one of us passes away (fingers crossed). Honestly though, eternity wouldn’t even be enough time to spend with my husband.

4. You can take on challenges as a team

Life is challenging. Duh. When you are married though, you never have to face a challenge alone. They will support and love you through everything. Hard day at work? Your spouse is there waiting to hear all about the idiots that caused you an inconvenience. My husband is my most reliable source of support. When we first got married we had to tackle the huge problem of immigration but together we got all of the paperwork completed and he now has a green card. Problems just don’t seem as tough when you have someone beside you.

5. Your relationship takes on a whole new identity

I know, I know…. “Alexis, you were only dating for 8 months! That’s nothing!” Yes. Yes it is. I barely dated my husband. We were already planning our wedding at the 5 month mark. I do, however, remember it very clearly. The dates and the excitement to see each other next. Texting every chance we could. Late night Facetime calls. It was exciting! Constantly trying to make every moment count. When you are married that sort of thing kind of goes away but its replaced with a calm, laid back feeling. You are not always trying to impress them. I mean… they have seen you after a binge on taco bell. Hard to imress or mystify your husband after that. You really get to be yourself in your home. You never worry about a fight because you trust that they won’t break up with you. After all, you made a promise to get through those fights. The big conversations are not that hard to have when you are bundled up next to your cat in you own home. Its a deeper kind of love when you make that huge commitment.


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I grew up in a big happy yellow house on the corner of a (mostly) quiet street. I had a mom and a dad, a little sister, and a cat. I grew up Lutheran, went to church every Sunday and went to a private Lutheran middle school. Lots of crazy things happened between now and then but that is another article. Let’s fast forward to now. Im 21 years old and I live in a beautiful apartment with my amazing husband and 2 crazy cats. I got married at 19 after dating my husband for a short 8 months. I work as a front desk agent at a Hilton hotel in my city but I know that I was put on this earth to be a mother.  My husband works as a pharmacy technician for CVS but he has a passion for playing music on his guitar. We don’t have any kids yet but we hope to have them within the next couple years.

I don’t have too many traditional hobbies but I love to make people laugh. I always try to be as available to everyone as I can. My true passion is happiness. I just want people to be happy. I love helping others and making sure everyone has a friend. I feel that I was put on this earth to be a mother in the biological sense and the metaphorical sense.