Your Engagement Story

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Yes. I said that right. This story is all about when and how to propose to your special person.

Do you feel like your boo might be ready for a ring? Have they been casually mentioning their ring size or metal of choice? Perhaps they aren’t being so discrete and they are sending you pictures and links to rings they like and invitations to view their secret wedding Pinterest board. Perhaps they straight up sent you this article you are reading right now! No matter what it can sometimes be difficult or scary to think about the next step. Proposing. Don’t fret I’m here to offer some advice.

Getting engaged is one of the biggest moments of your life. The romance and the happiness make the air feel light and airy. The hope for the future is so strong you could almost reach out and touch it! The proposal story is one that you will be telling forever so make sure you are proud of it!

Your first step is to make sure you are on the same page. Have you talked about getting married? You can try and work something about weddings or marriage into a conversation and see their reaction. If they change the subject or tell you that marriage isn’t their thing you may want to cool the jets. If they tell you that 3 days is too soon to propose you should absolutely stop the jets. If they look excited or they want to continue the conversation you may have a green light! Of course, you have probably already talked about it and you already know where your partner is in the relationship and you are just skimming this paragraph. Awesome if that’s the case! We can move on!

The next step is to buy a ring that fits your honey. Not just the ring size but also their personality. You wouldn’t buy a tiny ring for someone who loves to be in the spotlight. Just like you wouldn’t buy a large ring for someone who doesn’t like attention or uses their hands to get dirty. You want this ring to fit their personality and lifestyle! Another thing to keep in mind is the stone and the metal. You may not know this but some metals look better on different skin tones. If she hasn’t mentioned what kind of metal she likes take a peak at the jewelry she already has. Once you have an idea as to what kind of ring you are buying its time to actually find the right jewelry store. Or, with online jewelers like Blue Nile it’s easy, because you don’t actually have to leave your house to see engagement rings! The biggest issue I had with picking my husbands ring and getting ideas for what kind of ring I’d like was the judgement! Whenever I would go to a jewelry store the staff would ignore me even if I asked for help. They would point to cheaper options which was equally hurtful as it was helpful. This issue is completely eradicated with online shopping. Plus you have online support at the touch of a button.

After buying the ring its time to brainstorm about when and how you’d like to propose. Are they the kind of person who would like strangers there to applaud or stare longingly at the shiny new rock on her finger? Maybe propose at your favorite restaurant or a surprise party at your family’s house. Perhaps she is the kind of person who hates being the center of attention and would rather share that special moment with just you. If that’s the case maybe you can take her on a hike or propose at home. If you are stumped, pinterest is your best bet.

The tricky part is luring them out to the proposal spot with out making them suspicious. maybe have a friend of theirs invite them out but you show up. Just try to make it as normal as possible. Make sure your plan has no holes in it. If they are clueless when it comes to noticing new or out of the ordinary things, this step is pretty easy.

The moment has finally arrived. You are about to ask this person to commit their whole life to you. You are about to commit your life to them! You’ve done everything you can at this point to make this moment as special as possible now its time to enjoy the moment! Don’t stress too much about the words you are saying. I can’t remember what my husband said when he proposed. I’m sure it was super sweet and he thought about it a long time but my memory of that moment is silent. The image of him on one knee with an open ring box and the love in his eyes is forever in my heart.

So there you have it. Those are my (hopefully) helpful tips on getting engaged! This is an exciting time for both of you! If you liked my article, comment down below your engagement story or tag me in your wedding picture on Instagram! The link is at the top of my homepage for all of my social media. Thank you for reading!

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