My Engagement Story

I technically have 2 proposal stories. I asked first then he asked again later with a ring. My engagement was very non-traditional. After all, I had only been dating my husband for 4 months before deciding to tie the knot. I was sitting in my kitchen with my dad and my sister having fun and laughing. Jaxon was at work which was apparently very slow. I mean it was a chilly December night at an ice cream store. Nobody was there. I had texted “WE SHOULD GET MARRIED” and he said “how about tomorrow? Ill talk to my mom. I don’t have a ring yet though.” This caught me totally off guard! I did not expect him to say yes! We knew that marriage was in our future but I didn’t expect him to go along with me elopement idea! I obviously told him that I couldn’t get rings and a dress in under 24 hours so we decided on April 21st, a little under 4 months away. I technically proposed to my husband over text the first time. I of course don’t count that as my engagement story. Jaxon officially proposed on march 30th. I was getting my wisdom teeth removed the next day and was just settling down to go to bed. I shut my eyes and Jay said he had to pee and he would be right back. Maybe a minute later I hear rustling by my head so I open my eyes and Jaxon was kneeling on the ground with a BEAUTIFUL simple wedding band in his hand and asked me to be his wife. Obviously it was only a formality because we were getting married 3 weeks later so there was no way that I would say no. He told me later that he originally planned to propose as they were putting me under for surgery but he didn’t want to wait anymore. I’m relieved that he decided to ask earlier because that probably wouldn’t have gone so well.

Jaxon plans to propose again when we get our upgraded rings. We are going to take a trip somewhere exciting and renew our vows. We haven’t decided whether we are going to make it a big deal or just us yet. I suppose we have plenty of time to decide.

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