What it’s Like Living With Your Mother-in-law

I’m just going to say that God blessed me with an amazing woman as a mother in law. I would not be where I am right now without her. Mom, if you see this, I love you.

I know I joke that living with my mother in law sucked but in reality it never really sucked. It was inconvenient sometimes because of the cultural barriers, sure, but it was also pretty awesome. We would go on long car rides and not have to drive. I rarely had to cook and when I did I loved cooking for 4 people. We didn’t have to pay rent. That was one of the best parts. It is so expensive where we live and it was really nice to just save that money that I earned. Of course, I also really enjoyed spending time with my new family as well.

Sometimes the cultural differences made it a little difficult. My mother-in-law had some unspoken expectations an so did I. We were just used to different lifestyles. Ill write more about the cultural differences in a different article. Jaxon and I are keeping some of both cultures in our new little family.

There were some things that did make it tough not having our own place. We only had one space that was ours alone. Our room wasn’t too big and we had to fit everything we jointly owned into that little space. We were very cramped which made me feel overwhelmed at times. I was always trying to find ways to make the space feel bigger. The fridge was a big reason we wanted our to find our own apartment. Jay eats anything but I was vegetarian for a while so I had to have foods that fit my diet. There was rarely enough space in the fridge for what I wanted. Privacy was also a big factor. When I get off of work all I want to do is put on things that are more comfortable. As you ladies know, bras do not qualify as comfortable. Living with other people like your mother in law and your brother in law limit your options for what you can wear. There is also that obvious reason why living in a small apartment with the in-laws across the hall isn’t ideal for newly-weds but I won’t talk about that very much because my Dad reads this. Let’s just say that we were very tense people until we moved out and leave it at that.

At the end of the day, living with my mother in law was challenging at times but it was helpful to save money and get to know them better.

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